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TV Interviews
Tim Smith, CEO
  Panel Discussion of
Avazzia Technology
  Stanley Wolfe, DVM
Avazzia Technology for Horses


prosport interviews   gail naas intro pro-sport video   Dr Darcy Brunk About ProSport
Patients and Professional Practitioners
  Gail Naas, LMT/CT
Success With PRO-SPORT
  Darcy Brunk, DC
Using PRO-SPORT in Practice

Ezzi-lift for microcurrent facials – Visit for information

Lorraine Hache, MA, Psy
Using ezzi-lift
  Tammy Lahutsky
Using ezzi-lift
  Lori Armstrong
Using ezzi-lift

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Dr. Ruby Tenet - Avazzia Testimonial   Richard Fix - Health& Wellness   gayle gibbs - health & wellness
Ruby Tennant, LMT
Natural Health Consultant
  Richard Fix
Health and Wellness


  Gayle Gibbs
Health and Wellness
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scoliosis training promo   Gail Naas - Core Whole Body Core Protocol   Dr. Darcy Brunk demos 9 points protocol
Darcy Brunk, DC
Scoliosis Protocol
  Gail Naas, LMT, CT
Core Whole Body Technique
  Darcy Brunk, DC
Nine Points Protocol

View the following online lectures by
Stan Wolfe, DVM

Meet Stan Wolfe

Stan Wolfe and BEST Core Technology

Stan Wolfe Discusses C-fibers




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