Corporate Commitment


Mission: To provide the highest quality non-pharmaceutical, non-surgery relief of pain.

Vision: That everyone may experience the freedom and beauty of health.

Philosophy: Avazzia aims to accomplish its mission and vision by following Biblical principles while developing, manufacturing and selling
its line of BEST products.

Tim Smith, Avazzia’s founder, believes people cannot separate their personal convictions from their professional lives. He believes the foundation to his business is treating others – whether Avazzia employees, customers, suppliers or distributors – humbly and with respect. “My advice is not to focus on outperforming others,” Smith says. “Focus instead on improving your own performance quarter over quarter. A small improvement every quarter will eventually get you to the top of the ladder.”

Smith asks that all Avazzia employees and business partners embrace the core values of integrity, knowledge and a “fire in the belly.” He also wants them to have fun every day at work. To that end, Avazzia’s team is focuses on hard work, honest relationships and superior results for its products and customers.





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