“Our foundation found Avazzia BEST-Vet technology to offer fast, powerful relief.”

Stanley Wolfe, DVM
The Donald and Betty Wolfe Foundation

  Stan Wolfe, DVM: Horse care with BEST-Vet



Electro-Stim Biofeedback Solutions
For Veterinarians, Ranchers and Pet Owners

BEST-Vet and BEST-Vet PRO provide pain relief, wound healing and increased range of motion for animals under stress. Ranchers have used BEST-Vet to help revive calves; hunters have used BEST-Vet to help their dogs recover after a hard day in the field; horsemen and horsewomen have used BEST-Vet in a variety of applications – to help range of motion, improve wound healing and treat founder (laminitis).

BEST-Vet devices offer the following:

  • Non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive treatment for acute and chronic pain in animals, either through direct application of the device’s onboard electrodes or by using conductive brush electrode, conductive pads or loop-and-hook sleeves.
  • Treatment to improve range of motion, including “locked up” joints.
  • Treatment to help increase perfusion for better blood circulation and improved lymphatic drainage.
  • BEST-Vet is used on animals in place of or in addition to therapeutic massage to reduce stress and improve performance.

Short stories about how Avazzia’s BEST-Vet has helped animals are here.

Avazzia devices are safe to use directly on animals and do not require a prescription. The Avazzia training site offers suggestions on how to treat animals.


The BEST-Vet PRO and BEST-Vet devices are for pain relief for pets and animals. Devices are not for human use.




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