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Avazzia Workshops and Training

Avazzia encourages training by licensed healthcare professionals familiar with frequency specific micro-current electro-stimulation technology.

Training is available from multiple sources, published resources and various books.

Why is Training Important?

Topic of Interest

Training Available

Tennant Biomodulator

Senergy Medical Group
Training Schedule

Pro-Sport and BEST-RSI

Level 1 Training

1/2 Day Workshop

Sports Injury Workshop

Micro-current for Horses

Matrix Therapy Group
Best-Vet or Best-Vet-Pro devices
Hands On Training

EZZI-LIFT Facial Device Workshops

Demonstration and Training for owners of EZZI-LIFT device or Professionals seeking certification for facial massage or non-surgical face lift

Biofeedback Certification

Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB)

Recorded Lectures

Dr. Wolfe

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